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5 Best Flours for Weight Loss: A Guide to Different Flour Types

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Look at over 5 over 5 flour options to choose from for your weight loss journey. One of the main staples of Indians is chapati and rice.

Look at over 5 Flour options to choose from to help your weight loss journey. Obesity is an invitation to countless diseases and problems. Obesity was found to affect 61 percent of urban people in northern India in 2016. According to WHO, Obesity and being overweight are classified as excessive fat that can be harmful to one’s health. If the reader has begun the weight loss journey (It’s not that different from fat loss, you remove excess weight in the form of fat) or is starting, this article will help for sure.

5 Best Flours for Weight Loss
5 Best Flours for Weight Loss

As many fitness experts say, the workout is only 10-20%, and the rest is nutrition and rest. So when nutrition is so important, why not start from there?

One of the main staples of Indians is chapati(bread) and rice. With rice you can’t do much customization, it is just brown rice which is found healthier in some regions. We are left with chapati, which can be customized as we can replace the flour, mix the flour, and whatnot. We will look at the best options and you can decide what is the best for you. Everyone is built differently, what might suit person ‘A’ will not work for person ‘B’.

5 Best Flours for Weight Loss

1. Sattu for weight loss

Probably the most famous flour replacement in north India. Also, it is made out of roasted grams and is a high-protein meal found in nature. It has cooling properties and can regulate blood pressure. 

Sattu flour for weight loss
Sattu flour for weight loss

All of this makes it a hero in the summertime and one of the healthiest flour alternatives known.

2. Almond flour for weight loss

This is a name that is very popular among fitness experts. Almond flour is comparatively less in carbohydrates, high in protein concentration, healthy fats, and vitamin E. And for those who are worried about gluten, this flour is gluten-free. High in magnesium, iron, and calcium. The best thing about almond flour is that it is less in phytic acid, compared to almost every alternative for flour out there.

Almond flour for weight loss
Almond flour for weight loss

Because almond flour has a low glycemic index and is high in magnesium, it may be better for your blood sugar than traditional flour. 

That is why it is considered the best flour. because, unlike traditional wheat flour, It is low in carbohydrates and has a very low glycemic index, which means it lowers blood sugar levels and helps you lose weight.

3. Chickpea flour for weight loss

Might seem weird, but hear us out. Popularly known as besan, it is a low-calorie flour that is high in protein, high in fiber, and high in selenium. It has an excellent texture for making pancakes, bread, and even dumplings.

Chickpea flour for weight loss
Chickpea flour for weight loss

Chickpea flour is high in antioxidants that fight against unstable molecules called free radicals, thereby making it an excellent flour replacement. Also, this is what gives this flour a chance at fame among other famous flours. It has five times the fiber and doubles the protein in comparison to the all-purpose flour.

4. Oat flour for weight loss

An obvious contender for this competition. It’s made from ground oats and has a high protein and fiber content. Also, it has a sweet taste to it, which makes it eligible for baking stuff.

The best thing about this is, you can just throw some oats in the grinder, and BOOM done. Yeah, that’s it. Also, this can be used as a cheaper alternative to almond or quinoa flour without sacrificing health advantages. Isn’t that great? It is. 

Oat flour for weight loss
Oat flour for weight loss

It’s no secret that it significantly reduces cholesterol and is highly beneficial to cardiovascular health. Also, Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber found in oats that helps with digestion. Moreover, if you have ever eaten oats, you would remember they keep hunger at bay, making it the best contender for weight loss flour. 

5. Brown Rice Flour for weight loss

This is a superfood in all categories. Brown rice as the name suggests is a contender to normal rice, it is gluten-free. Also, gluten is a protein that irritates the digestive system, and it can worsen the situation for anyone who is already suffering from digestive issues. So, It is better to stay away from gluten for those who have weaker digestive systems.

Brown Rice Flour for weight loss
Brown Rice Flour for weight loss

Because of its ability to prevent liquid separation, rice flour is a popular thickening agent. It’s excellent in soups, sauces, and gravies, and it’s also popular in crackers and similar dishes. Now that is another point, it can be cooked in many appetizing ways. It is high in fibre, and low in gluten will improve liver function and whatnot. Brown rice flour is full of protein, iron, and magnesium, but it can also help reduce blood sugar levels. As like said, a superfood. also read 32 Proven Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast: Boost Your Weight Loss Journey Today!


Weight-loss like said above is about balance. Remember food is more than calories, you don’t have to eat less, just eat right. Rest enough, remain stress-free, and build self-discipline so that you don’t run behind desserts and high-sodium foods that can ruin your progress. 

Choose the right workout, and eat right. Moreover, it all comes down to nutrition, you become what you eat. You can choose the best flour according to you, there are a lot of options in the market. Hence, the attempt was to bring the best among the best. So, stay consistent in your weight loss journey. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about flours for weight loss

Q. Which flour is good for health?  

Ans. All the flours mentioned above are the best among the best. Take advice from your doctor before adding anything to your diet, in case you have a medical history. 

Q. Which flour is best for weight loss in India? 

Ans. Oat flour is the best In every way, it’s cost-effective too. And as you can read above it gives a tough competition to other flours in terms of nutrients. 

Q. Which flour is the lowest in carbs? 

Ans. Almond flour contains monounsaturated fats as it is made from skinned almonds. With the abundant amount of micronutrients, it is the lowest among other flours in terms of carbohydrates.  

Dr. Michael Smith
Dr. Michael Smith
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