Best Bicep Cable Workouts and Exercises For Men and Women

by Adarsh Patel
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When you ask your bodybuilder friends to suggest your best bicep cable exercise or workouts, they probably suggest you do dumbbell curls and barbell workout for biceps. And these exercises are phenomenal, without any doubt. But you asked any smart weightlifter then he told different exercises for every week.

If you do the same exercises and follow the same diet every time, your progress should be slower than other lifters. You have to try some best cable exercises for the biceps. If you are bored with your old bicep workout, don’t worry; we will give you the best solution for that.

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Top 8 Best Bicep Exercises on a Cable Machine

Best Bicep Workouts on a Cable Machine
Best Bicep Workouts on a Cable Machine

1. Cable hammer curls:-

Cable hammer curls are good for the biceps because they directly hit brachioradialis and brachialis muscles. 

These muscles are present in the upper and lower forearms. And these muscles are responsible for thicker muscles. You can do that exercise with dumbbells or barbells, but try this with cable.

It should be more effective for your biceps because it produces constant tension on your bicep muscles.

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2. Cable curl of single-arm:-

This exercise is a most unusual bicep exercise. Because a single-arm cable curl will affect your upper arm, it definitely stretches your upper arm muscles after each rep of the exercise.

It is also a very effective exercise for your bicep because it creates tension in your muscles like other cable exercises.

But keep in mind that the overdo of this exercise should be very dangerous. You have to face some serious shoulder and elbow injuries. So do that exercise with patience and prevent yourself from injuries.

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3. Overhead bicep cable curls workouts:-

Overhead bicep cable exercises are the most satisfying exercise for people who love to do biceps workouts more. This exercise looks cool because if we want to show our biceps to anyone, we can do the overhead pose to show off our biceps. In this pose, our bicep should be bigger than its actual size. 

This exercise is a favorite of many weight lifters because you don’t need to use your whole body to lift the weight; you just need arms for that.

Most people can do that exercise at the end of their workout because they say it is a great ending move for their workout. You can do that exercise with a lighter weight also to get a good pump to your biceps.

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4. Spider cable curls:-

Spider cable curls are a good exercise for unlocking the growth of new biceps. In a spider curl, you have to lay down on an inclined bench, which means you don’t need to lift the weight by your back or legs.

This exercise will create a certain tension in your top muscles. It will make your bicep muscles thicker, and you feel good after each rep of this exercise.

5. Concentration cable curls:-

Concentration cable curls are the most popular and effective exercise for your bicep muscles. This exercise is very strict as compared to other exercises.

This exercise will give a better pump and maximum mass to your biceps. Usually, this exercise is done with dumbbells, but when you try this exercise with cable, it gives a certain tension to your bicep muscles after each rep of the exercise.

6. Cable squatting curls:-

Many people are doing the same dumbbell biceps workout for their muscles. So after sometimes they get bored, they need variety in their life.

Cable squatting curls are that variety in the list of amazing biceps workouts. This exercise will give new growth to your biceps and benefit your good posture.

For sure, this exercise will hit your biceps differently. This is a very unique exercise to grow your bicep muscles.

7. Cable supine bicep curls workouts:-

When you do any bicep curls by standing, then there is a disadvantage of lifting weight by the support of legs and your lower back. And there is no constant tension occurring in your bicep muscle.

And sometimes it will be the reason for injuries. But cable supine bicep curls are the safest exercise for bigger bicep muscles. In this exercise, we need to lay down on the floor, which gives us back support. And provide you with the effective growth of bicep muscles.

8. Cable reverse curls:-

Reverse cable curls are the most popular exercise that will help you to grow your forearms. But it is also a beneficial bicep exercise.

It is the best exercise for your total arm. If you do free weight curls on a cable, that’s also beneficial for the growth of your arms. It will create a certain tension at the top of your bicep muscles. 

Caution for Cable Machine Bicep Workout 

Caution for Cable Machine Bicep Workout 
Caution for Cable Machine Bicep Workout 

If you pick a few exercises that we listed in this article, you get a better result for sure. You have to do that exercise approx 1-2 times weekly. Because recovery is more crucial for any workout, before starting a workout, make sure that your body should be flexible. So do some light cardio or warm-up before the workout. It will make your shoulders and elbows more flexible. 


The bicep is the most crucial muscle in our body. You can see every bodybuilder has very strong bicep muscles. You can also make your biceps with barbells and dumbbells, but you can use cable for workout for better results and fewer limitations. If you use cables, then you feel the tension for a long time in your muscles. We are reviewing the exercises in this article for our audience. I Hope you like that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you build biceps with cables?

Ans. Cable curls are the most efficient exercises for your biceps because they will strengthen your muscles differently as compared to other bicep exercises.

Q. Are cables good for biceps?

Ans. Yes, Cables are good for the biceps. It will make your biceps bigger than you think if you add a cable curls routine to your workout.

Q. How do you do cable biceps?

Ans. We can do cable biceps in different effective positions like standing and sitting by doing squats and many more positions we will try.

Q. Can you build muscle with cables?

Ans. Yes, we can add bicep cable curls to our workout routine. It will strengthen our muscles differently. And give you the proper physique that you want.

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