Benefits of Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts

by Adarsh Patel
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In this article, we give a walkthrough of sweet potato nutrition facts. We will discuss all the factors related to sweet potato, and how they will impact our health. 

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About Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is also known as Ipomoea batatas because it is an underground tuber. It is rich with antioxidants which help maintain the blood level of humans.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in fibre, carbs and various nutritious components. It is healthy as well as delicious in taste. We can eat sweet potatoes boiled, fried, baked and steamed.

Usually, sweet potatoes are available in orange colour. But it is also found in other colours like red, pink, yellow, and purple. 

In North America people call sweet potatoes as “Yams.” 

Yams have various species around the world. Sweet potatoes are also nutritionally different from regular potatoes. Read this article completely if you want more information about sweet potatoes.

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Nutrition Facts of Sweet Potato 

Nutrition facts of Sweet Potato 
Nutrition facts of Sweet Potato 

The sweet potato nutrition facts are displayed in the following table.

Sugar4.2 grams
Fat0.1 grams
Fiber3.0 grams
Carbs20.1 grams
Calories86 calories
Protein1.6 grams

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A medium-sized sweet potato contains only 2 grams of protein, which means it is not a good source of protein. Sweet potato has sporamins, a unique protein, and it is present in 80% of its total protein.

Sweet potato has various other nutritious components in high weightage. 

But it is not a good source of protein. According to research, sweet potatoes consist of antioxidants.


Fibre is the main nutritious component of sweet potato. The sweet potato consists of a high amount of fibre in medium-sized sweet potatoes. 

It’s approx 4 grams. The fibre is present in lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose forms. 

Fibre is also present in soluble forms like pectin. It will reduce blood and sugar levels. It will also impact the digestion of humans. If you take insoluble fibre in adequate amounts, it will help reduce the risk of diabetes.


Carbs are also the main nutritious component of the sweet potato. The normal size sweet potato contains 27 grams of carbs. Sweet potatoes are carbs rich in vegetables.

There are also sugars present in the sweet potato. Glucose, fructose, maltose and sucrose are present in the content of the carbs in sweet potatoes. A sweet potato has medium to high 

Glycemic index, which is responsible for measuring the blood sugar level rising just after we take a meal. We can consume the sweet potatoes by roasting, frying and baking as well.

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The sweet potato is the best source of vitamin c and potassium so we can discuss the vitamins present in the sweet potato. Most of the vitamins are present in an adequate amount. 

  • Vitamin A: sweet potato consists of beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A. 100 grams of vitamin A present in your body daily if you eat sweet potato daily.
  • Vitamin B5: This vitamin is also called pantothenic acid. This vitamin is present in every food to some extent.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is also present in sweet potatoes. Generally, this vitamin plays a vital role in converting food into energy.
  • Vitamin C: Sweet potatoes also consist of Vitamin C. This vitamin is an antioxidant that improves the common cold and skin health.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin E is the fat-soluble antioxidant present in the sweet potato. It will protect the human body from oxidative damage.

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Sweet potato is also a good source of minerals like potassium. Most minerals are present in an adequate amount in the sweet potato. Let’s discuss the minerals that are present in the sweet potato.


Potassium is the essential mineral present in the sweet potato with high amounts. This mineral helps maintain blood pressure control and decreases the risk of a heart attack.


Manganese is also present in the sweet potato. These minerals are responsible for the development, growth and metabolism of the human body.

Sweet Potato Health Benefits  

Sweet Potato Health Benefits  
Sweet Potato Health Benefits  

The Sweet potatoes consumption has many different health benefits. Let’s discuss some of them.

Healthy immunity: sweet potato consists of vitamin A, which is responsible for the development and growth of the body’s cellular functions. According to research, vitamin A also improves the immunity of humans.

Reduce bad cholesterol: sweet potato is a fibre rich and plant-based vegetable. So it has an adequate amount of fibre which helps reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and keeps our body healthy. It is also useful to cure type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. 

Reduce blood pressure: sweet potatoes contain minerals like potassium and manganese, which are useful for blood pressure support. Potassium-rich diets always promote blood pressure reduction and keep your heart healthy.

Healthy vision: vitamin A also promotes healthy vision in humans. According to research, vitamin A is a good source for maintaining healthy vision and improving our eyesight.


Sweet potatoes are the underground tuber, which is a very nutritious vegetable for those people who want to keep themselves healthy. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins, minerals, carbs, fibre, fat, and various nutritional components. This is the root vegetable, and there are many health benefits of consuming sweet potatoes. 

This is the cheapest vegetable that gives you more benefits than expensive products. If anyone wants to keep themself healthy without investing too much money, then consume sweet potatoes. We listed all the nutrition facts in this article; I hope you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is sweet potato best for weight loss?

Ans. Yes, sweet potato is a low-calorie vegetable. So you can take this when you are hungry; it promotes weight loss.

Q. What health benefits do sweet potatoes have?

Ans. Sweet potatoes have many health benefits – reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, healthy vision, healthy immunity, longevity, controlling blood pressure, and many more.

Q. Is a sweet potato a superfood?

Ans. Yes, sweet potato is a superfood because it is highly nutritious and an antioxidant that prevents your body from free radicals.

Q. Is sweet potato low or high carb?

Ans. Sweet potato is a high carb vegetable which is healthy for the human body.

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