Ariana Grande Weight Loss Diet And Exercise (Updated 2022)

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Today we look into super famous Ariana Grande weight loss, her lifestyle changes over the years, which eventually led to many health benefits such as stable energy levels, and better sleeping patterns. But the one who climbed on the charts was Ariana Grande weight loss of 11 kilos or 25 pounds. 

Ariana got her breakthrough with a Nickelodeon show known as, Victorious, which started streaming in 2009.

Later, she switched careers and rose through the music charts with her first album in 2013; since then, her fans have increased exponentially.

Fans have always loved her through all her highs and lows.

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From Overeating To Being Vegan, The Weight Loss Story Of Ariana

The fans that are with Ariana support her unconditionally, as we all know. But they are the true news bringers, as slightest of changes and they already make it trending.

Something similar happened when suddenly people started noticing that she had lost a considerable amount of weight. The rumor spread throughout the internet that the heartthrob Ariana has an eating disorder.

Now, this was very worrying; all the media houses started covering this news.

Eventually, Ariana Grande came out with her official statement:

“This is about making sure the foods you put in your body will nourish you and be put to good use. The reason why I lost as much weight as I did is that I used to live on junk food, like around the clock. So drastically changed my eating habits, started exercising daily, and I’m all-around a healthier me. I’m eating as much as I was before, just the content has changed.”

Ariana Grande statement

Once this statement was out, it was confirmed that she was healthier and happier than ever; as her statement showed, and so did her social media, she completely became vegan.

The Thank you next singer gave up all her favorite junk food and other delicacies which she was once so fond of, because of her love for animals.

Post Results of Her Vegan Diet

She exchanged meals with veganism and increased her workout regime, which gave her loads of stable energy to perform live concerts. Even though weight loss was not her main target, as a result of her healthy lifestyle, she lost her excess fat and made some healthy weight gain too. 

As a kid, she was exposed to fame, and she picked up eating habits that were not good for her; she used to overeat her food and realized along the way that she did not feel good about herself with this lifestyle, so she decided to change it all, and she did!

Let’s look into Ariana Grande diet and workout regime to learn some things for weight loss benefits.

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Ariana Grande Weight Loss on a Vegan diet

Ariana Grande Weight Loss on a Vegan diet
Ariana Grande Weight Loss on a Vegan diet

Well, since she has completely accepted veganism, her diet has also changed, which eventually helped her shed some extra weight.

This diet, in particular, is what we would be looking into. Even though her looks do not give away that she is Italian, she is.

Ariana does not include Italian cuisines in her diet; she eats Japanese foods. To name a few, lotus and daikon beans.

She believes that Japanese cuisine offers a lot of vegan options. Her diet is focused on healthier and cruel free nutritional options, a macrobiotic diet.

This new diet includes whole simple carbs and protein-filled stuff like wheat and nuts along with pulses.

The thing that I found amusing while researching is that Ari(Nickname for Ariana Grande by her fans.) does not like to restrict herself in some famous diet plans; she is focused on mindful eating, which would make her feel good about it.

For example, in one tweet, she shared her love for strawberries. It does not mean that she is permitted to eat only 2 berries a day; no, she would eat as much as she wants. But again, mindful eating. She does not overheat anymore.

So, I like her style, to be honest with no restrictions but just being very mindful about her choices.

Her typical daily food regime looks something like the following:

  • She starts her day by consuming oatmeals, either topped with blueberries or strawberries.
  • Ari also experiments with the toppings by adding nuts to them, and since she is vegan, she uses almond milk instead of traditional milk. 
  • In case she wants to drink smoothies, she uses almond milk as the base and then either adds berries or anything she wants.
  • In the middle of the day, she takes out time from her busy schedules to feed her body the nutrition it deserves, and she usually goes with salads.
  • Her salad consists of kale or some other greens with cashews or some other nuts as toppings; for flavor, she sometimes adds teriyaki sauce.
  • If Ariana is still hungry, she takes some healthy snacks. Usually, she baked sweet potatoes with sprinkled cinnamon powder or whatever she liked.
  • To end her day, she eats dinner to compensate for all her work.
  • Her dinner mainly looks like a bowl of brown or red rice with tofu and stir-fried veggies of her choice.

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Ariana Grande Weight Loss Workout

Ariana Grande Weight Loss Workout
Ariana Grande Weight Loss Workout

Ari has a very famous trainer for her workout routines, Harley. This guy trains half of the celeb singers. The thing with Ariana is that she is always busy. Either some concerts or meeting with fans or sometimes clients.

So, the best thing Harley did for Ariana was, give the target steps to help her stay in shape. 12000 or 14000 steps are more than enough for her.

Her usual lifestyle is so busy that it is almost impossible for her to get hours into the gym done.

Plus, she does not like to be in the gym. She likes the pilates exercises, and she makes lunges in the hallway to strengthen her lower body.

Ariana says she likes to run on the treadmill if she ever goes into the gym because, according to her, it brings clear thoughts.

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Through research, I found her almost exact workout routine, so here it is:

  • She starts with a treadmill or basic stretching to open up her muscles and then begins with the following workout in any order.
  • Reverse lunges,
  • Planks,
  • Superman core pose,
  • Glute bridge.

Ariana Grande Before and After

The following image is for Ariana Grande before and after weight loss.

Ariana Grande Before and After
Ariana Grande Before and After

Ariana Grande Tips for weight loss and body transformation

She has been very vocal about her body transformation and veganism; I have picked out the useful information which would be highly beneficial.

  1. A lot of people do not like the way they look; they look in the mirror and see what they do not wish to be. It’s not like these people have no wish to change, but what they lack are guidance and willpower. Ariana says that these people need to be confident in themselves, start eating healthy, and not jump into weight loss programs. Patience is the key.
  2. Do not restrict yourself in the name of eating healthy; choose wisely yet eat what makes your body feel good.
  3. The body knows what it needs, and it is us, the mind, which makes things complicated. Hence, listen to the body.


I agree with everything, and this is my suggestion as well; we must stay consistent in our efforts but must never lose patience.

Results will come sooner or later, but they will. We must focus on the choices we make in our day-to-day lives, as they will decide the results.


Q.1. What is the weight of Ariana Grande?

Ans. Well, she weighs around 104 pounds or 47 kilos.

Q.2. How did Ariana Grande lose weight?

Ans. As soon as she changed her lifestyle with veganism, the results started showing up. She chose healthy food items over savory ones.

Q.3. What is Ariana Grande’s favorite food?

Ans. She likes Japanese cuisine, and she is very fond of berries and smoothies as well. 

That is it, readers; I hope your reading was fun and you took some value from it. Reading someone’s success story seems good, but writing your own feels brilliant.

So go ahead and use the lessons you learned; keep reading, keep learning.

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