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In this hustle and bustle world, taking care of our skin is a task in itself. And when the matter is about your skin, you surely can’t rely on any random skincare products. Among, some of the authentic skincare products available on market, Ursa major skincare creations are the reliable ones. Ursa products apply refreshing and powerful forest-infused formulas, which help the customers to have smooth and healthy skin. This article is for all those who are enthusiasts in knowing Ursa skincare products. 

ursa major skin care
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Why are Ursa major skincare products extraordinary?

There definitely must be some reason why customers are admiring ursa face and hair products. Some of the convincing aspects of Ursa major skincare routine products are that they are passionate about taking care of customers’ skin naturally. Secondly, they tried to launch the skincare items cleanly and effectively without any marketing-driven way. 

Other than these, some of the remarkable features of Ursa major skincare products are-

  • The basic, as well as finishing ingredients used in the items, are powerful. 
  • There is a natural aroma present in the products, which is refreshing. 
  • Also, the texture is lightweight and clean to use. 
  • The products are free from any suspected chemicals like SLS, Petrochemical, glycols, PEGs among other variants. 

Lastly, the prime feature of Ursa products is that they manufacture items for all skin types and irrespective of gender. And mainly, you should consider an Ursa major because it is B Corp certified. Thus, Ursa items’ belief in grooming and maintaining the glow of the skin is something that everyone deserves. 

Some of the Ursa major skincare products:

As said earlier, if you want versatile self-care items, then Ursa will never offend you. So, here are some of the widely chosen products in different categories. 

Daily your face witnesses the scorching heat of the sun and confronts various pollutants. Keeping these in mind and making the skin clean and fresh, Ursa has brought Ursa major skincare items for the face.

Skincare bundle super soother: for curing irritation, redness, or inflammation

Sometimes due to having stress-sensitive skin, vitamin-rich products are much needed. With Ursa major skincare bundle super soother you can nourish your skin with rich antioxidants which makes you feel relaxed. The bundle pack comes with

Skincare bundle super soother: for curing irritation, redness, or inflammation
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  •  Vitamin C brightens Up Serum – This serum is well concentrated for the face as well as radiant even-toned for the skin. The customer’s Ursa major skin care reviews and ratings are above four stars. 
  •  Golden hour recovery cream- It’s basically for sensitive skin which gets well-nourished with fast-absorbing facial cream. As per the customer’s ratings, the cream has got more than five stars. 

The global price range for the bundle super skincare is approx. $91.00.

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Ursa’s fantastic foaming face wash

When you are outdoors, then your face gets exposed to many dirt and impurities. Cleanse them well with Ursa’s fantastic face wash which, is for balanced skin. Some of the top features of these foam based face wash are-

Ursa's fantastic foaming face wash
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  • Instantly helps in removing the grime and oil. 
  • Makes your skin brighter and exfoliates the skin. 
  • Gives a soothing effect and also hydrates the skin. 
  • The formula for the face wash is free from sulfate and helps in lathering. 

In case, you are curious about the aroma of this foamed face wash then it gives the essence of cedar splash along with a twist of like and spearmint. The one-time purchase price range is $30.00 and if you subscribe then it is $27.00. This is one of the most purchased Ursa major skincare Sephora products.

Ursa essential wipes for the face

To satisfy the customers they have individually wrapped bamboo face wipes which give a refreshing effect. These face wipes are soothing and help in exfoliating the skin. Also, each essential face wipe comes in 20 packs.

Ursa essential wipes for the face
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  • The aroma of the wipes is like a medical brew that has been spiked with orange, for and lavender essence. 
  • Conveniently removes oily elements from your face. 
  • Your dull-looking skin instantly brightens. 
  • Helps with hydrating the skin. 

If you are a one-time customer, then for you, the purchasing price is $24.00. And if you have already subscribed, then the price is $21.60. Over 110 Ursa major skincare reviews for this product have shown their satisfaction with four-star ratings. 

The fortifying face balm: the Ursa major men’s skin care

It’s a gel moisturizer that helps in nourishing the skin with its calming and hydrating effect. The one-time purchase price is $38.00 and the subscribed price is $34.00. Some of the l considering features are- 

The fortifying face balm
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  • There is a weightless serum formula used for the gel. 
  • Wrinkles and loose skin issues are addressed with the tightening of the skin feature. 
  • The redness of the skin is minimized and brings about a unique charm in your face. 

The aroma of the gel is like a Herbal elixir-infused lavender essence. You will also get the touch of lime, rosemary, and spearmint. 

The fortifying balm is good for both women and also acts perfectly as Ursa major men’s skincare.

Ursa major stellar shaving cream

Ursa major stellar shaving cream
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The Ursa major stellar shaving cream is not like any kind of traditional shaving cream. It claims to be highly moisturized without letting any kind of razor burn and elevates the shaving experience by giving a good shave. It is the safest and natural version of shaving cream. The price range for stellar shaving cream is $26.00 approx. 

The Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh Deodorant as part of travellers kit

Every time you think of streaming your feet outside your home or maybe travel somewhere deodorant is definitely on your list. Therefore, Ursa major traveller’s skincare kit comprises the hopping deodorant which comes at an approx. the price range of $ 12.50. This Ursa deodorant cools naturally with a crisp aluminium-free stick essence. 

The Hoppin Fresh Deodorant as part of travellers kit
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All kinds of forms caused by the presence of bacteria are instantly eliminated. The protection of the aroma is for a long time. The texture is silky smooth along with it gives the aroma of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. 

Why still don’t prefer using Ursa major skincare?

There’s no doubt that Ursa has worked greatly in the field of skincare and healing methods. But still, there are some shortcomings of using Ursa, at least, that’s what the Ursa major skincare reviews suggest. So, let’s begin one by one. 

  1. For some, using Ursa products is a bit hard because of their strong sense of smell. If you are someone who doesn’t like strong fragrances then definitely Ursa will not satisfy you. 
  2. Free shipping facility is only available throughout the USA and charges are inclusive for other regions.
  3. Thirdly, it is claimed by some customers that Ursa gel wash makes the skin unnecessarily dry.

Sum up 

Being among the skincare brands to take the initiative of launching plastic-free packaging of its products, Ursa deserves appreciation. Also, the Ursa major skincare products in total help the customer globally to nourish their skin and make it look evergreen for all time. Indeed, there are some cons, but definitely, those do not overshadow the plus points of this western brand.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q. How is Ursa major skincare?

Answer- Keeping in mind the growing popularity of the brand’s product it’s easy to say that Ursa nourishes the skin. With its antioxidant-rich formula, it helps in maintaining the smoothness of the skin. The company also claims that the products are free from the use of petrochemicals.  

Q. Is Ursa major all-natural?

Answer- The brand based in Vermont claims to be using the all-natural formula in its minimalist products. Products like foaming gel cleansers are good for oily skin. 

Q. Is Ursa major chemical-free?

Answer- Ursa claims to be free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLES, SLS, silicones, synthetic colour, fragrance, etc. Due to which it helps in exfoliating the skin naturally. 

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