Are Biscuits Healthy or Are Biscuits Bad For You?

by Tanmay Joshi
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We all know that biscuits are delicious, but are they healthy? Biscuits can be high in fat and sodium. This blog post will talk about some of the health benefits of biscuits and what you need to watch out for when eating them.

Biscuits are a simple food made by combining flour, baking powder, and salt. They’re usually fried in butter or oil before being packed for selling in the market. Biscuits can be taken at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner, along with coffee and tea.

While biscuits are traditionally thought to be unhealthy due to their high-fat content, they actually contain less saturated fat than most other baked goods like muffins and cakes do!

Biscuits are a staple of the British diet, with 27 million households buying them every day. But how should we know what’s inside in our favourite snack?

The UK houses 61% of all biscuit eaters–that means one out of five people cannot live without their favourite chocolate chip cookie. Yet many aren’t exactly sure how they’re made!

Some of the most popular snacks are not exactly healthy. These include biscuits and cookies, which contain refined carbs that can seriously disbalance the nutrition of our diet if you’re not conscious about what’s going into them!

Are Biscuits Healthy To Eat

Are Biscuits Healthy To Eat
Are Biscuits Healthy To Eat

The consumption of biscuits decides whether the biscuits are healthy to eat or not. Moreover, the ingredients used for the preparation of biscuits also determine whether it is suitable for our body or not.

They have been around since our grandparents time. However, the primary concern is that most of the biscuits are prepared with wheat flour, aka maida. This type of food can lead to digestive problems, and they have lack of nutrients.

Only include Fibre-rich digestive or whole wheat biscuits in your meal as some of them have a good quality of nuts available and is best for health.

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Which Ingredients Made Biscuits Unhealthy?

Which Ingredients Made Biscuits Unhealthy
Which Ingredients Made Biscuits Unhealthy

A biscuit is a food item that can be found in many different places. You might have had one at work or even enjoyed it for tea time with family! But what exactly are they made up of? Let’s find out by looking into each ingredient mainly used for the preparation of biscuits.

Wheat Flour

No one should be eating wheat flour, which is nothing but refined and low in fibre. Nowadays, we have whole-wheat alternatives to this unhealthy ingredient such as barley or rice (although these also contain carbohydrates). The downside to consuming the wrong type of carbohydrate can cause blood sugar spikes leading up to diabetes.


Usually, both big & small biscuit companies add sugar to increase the taste of the biscuit.

Hydrogenated fats

Some people think that biscuits are low fat or even free of any kind of fats. But the labels on these products will tell you otherwise–they contain partially hydrogenated oils, which can be just as bad for your health!

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Are Biscuits Bad for you

Are Biscuits Bad for you
Are Biscuits Bad for you

Have a question. Are biscuits bad for you? Yes, they are. Not only do they contain refined sugars and fats, but they also have little nutritional value. Biscuits may be tasty, but the harm that comes from eating them outweighs any pleasure that is gained by their consumption.

Biscuits lack a significant amount of nutrients that your body needs to survive and thrive. For example, a digestive biscuit contains 0% vitamin A, 2% calcium and 1% iron. Digestives have minimal nutritional benefits because they have been stripped of everything except flour and sugar during processing. The same can be said for most other types of biscuits, too – even those marketed as ‘healthy,’ such as rich tea or oat biscuits, etc.

Why Biscuits are not Healthy?

The following are the downsides of eating biscuits which causes a negative impact on our health.

  • They aren’t a good source of energy either because they often contain trans-fats and refined sugars.
  • Eating biscuits cause an insulin spike, which means that your blood sugar will go up after eating the biscuit.
  • One of the most serious detriments to your health is the high refined sugar content in biscuits.
  • Refined sugars are harmful because they have little nutritional value, and when you eat them, they cause an insulin spike.
  • Long term consumption of high amounts of refined sugars has been linked with obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Biscuits intake can lead to obesity, leading to various other health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Biscuits are also high in gluten which has been known to cause issues for people with Coeliac Disease because they can’t digest the ingredient.

Benefits of Biscuits

The benefits of biscuits totally depend upon the ingredients used to prepare them. However, they are the perfect replacement for a sandwich, bread, or burger. Moreover, in terms of monetary benefits, they are cheaper than other staple products.

However, we recommend you to take the advice of a health expert, especially for those who have diabetes.

FAQs on Are Biscuits Healthy

Q.1. Is it OK to eat biscuits everyday?

Ans. There are many theories behind it. Most of the health experts totally deny the individuals to intake biscuits every day. However, few nutritionists recommend eating a biscuit with tea only. As per many dieticians drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause acidity and gas. That’s why 1 or 2 biscuits with it is a good option.

Q.2. Is eating biscuits good for weight loss?

Ans. You might think that a digestive biscuit or any other biscuit is good for your health, but you’ll gain weight and become even more unhealthy if it has over 50 calories. This doesn’t make sense!

These kinds of biscuits are not good for your weight loss goals because they have a lot of calories.

Q.3. Are biscuits a healthy snack?

Ans. You might not think of biscuits as healthy snacks, but some of our favourite cookies and cakes are packed with fat. And all that sugar can really wreak havoc on your diet if you’re not careful!

Q.4. What happens if you eat too many biscuits?

Ans. Eating too many biscuits can lead you to type 2 diabetes because they have refined sugar. This is the main reason for the spike in insulin levels. You will start noticing fat in your body and waistline as well.

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