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Revealing Anthony Anderson’s Weight Loss Secrets: Diet and Workout Plan

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The weight loss journey of big celebrities really inspires many people. Every day some star comes out about their weight loss. Today we will talk about the weight loss of Anthony Anderson, a famous celebrity known for his good roles. For a few years, he has been engaged in reducing his weight. There is a lot of discussion going on about his losing weight.


He had been battling his obesity for many years, and apart from this, he also underwent some changes. He has lost weight many times; in 2014, he came out with his significant transformation, in which he lost 47 pounds. 

During the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony lost 30 pounds by staying at home. His weight loss journey is indeed an inspiration to the people. Do you want to know which diet plan and workout Anthony Anderson followed to lose weight?

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Who is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson is an American comedian and actor born on August 15, 1970, in America. He appeared in several films and TV shows for which he is known. He has a huge fan following; people like him and his work very much. 


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Anthony Anderson Weight Loss in the Year 2014

Anthony Anderson was initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after which he began disciplining his life. With this, he decided to change himself and wanted to lose weight. 

It was a bit difficult initially, but he got used to it as time passed. Anderson stayed away from fast food for one month, after which he found a positive change in his life.

Anthony Anderson loved fast food from the beginning, but since he decided to lose weight since he decided to work out, he removed all the harmful food items from his life. This decision turned out to be very beneficial for Anthony Anderson.


He used to consume healthy food daily and, after that, used to do workouts. His hard work paid off in such a way that Anthony Anderson lost about 47 pounds. After this, his weight became 223 pounds, which was relatively low considering his old condition.

But after losing 47 pounds, Anthony Anderson stopped following his diet and workout plans. As a result, Anthony Anderson got back the 47 pounds he had lost so hard. 

Anthony Anderson realized that he had started gaining weight again, after which he decided to lose weight similarly.

Anthony Anderson Weight Loss During the COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the whole world, all the studios, shops, restaurants, etc., were closed. People have imprisoned them in their homes. 

At that time, it was safe to stay in their own homes, but it proved to have some wrong results; the work of some celebrities and common people stopped, due to which they had to face poverty, and the weight of some stars had also increased to a great extent. One of which was Anderson.

At this point, Anthony Anderson needed a partner who would guide him from the wrong path to the right one and inspire him. 

Anthony took Will Smith as his friend, and Will Smith decided to lead Anthony Anderson on the right track. Anderson chooses to lose weight again.

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Anthony Anderson Diet Plan

Anthony Anderson worked hard to reduce his weight; as we mentioned, he followed a strict diet and workout plan. A good diet plan proves to be very beneficial for losing weight. 

Anderson started following his diet plan strictly, with the help of which he could lose weight.


He used to eat only green vegetables and vegetarian food for lunch and dinner. He used to drink more and more water to keep himself hydrated. And to keep himself in balance, he also used to do workouts.

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Anthony’s Workout Plan

To lose weight, more important than every plan is a workout plan. Workout keeps the body balanced and fit. As you know, during the covid pandemic, everything was closed, including schools, colleges, and gyms.

At that time, he opened a gym at his home and started working out. Anthony Anderson’s workout plan included lunges, running, lifting weights, push-ups, squats, etc. Apart from this, he considered walking better than using a car to go around many places.

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Anthony Anderson Then and Now Weight Loss

Anthony Anderson is a famous American actor and comedian who is always in the discussion to reduce and increase weight. But before accepting the challenge from his friend Will Smith, Anderson weighed more than 223 pounds. Now he has reduced his weight, after which he looks quite fit.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What is the height and weight of Anthony Anderson?

Answer: Anthony Anderson Height 5 feet 10 inches.
Anthony Anderson weighs 122 kg.

Q: Where does Anthony Anderson live?

Answer: Anthony Anderson lives in the city of Los Angeles, USA.

Q: What is the name of Anthony Anderson’s wife?

Answer: Anthony Anderson’s wife’s name is Alvina Stewart.

Q: How much is Anthony Anderson’s net worth?

Answer: Anthony Anderson’s net worth is 45 million US dollars.

Q: Anthony Anderson’s children ‘s names?

Answer:  Nathan Anderson and Kyra Anderson.

Final words

Anthony Anderson is a famous actor and comedian. He was actually fighting a battle with his weight. Losing weight is not much easy as it sounds, but it is not difficult if you work hard. Keeping yourself fit is very important, for which you need to work hard. So this was Anthony Anderson’s weight loss journey.

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