All about Mashed Potatoes Nutrition!

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Mashed Potatoes the word itself brings a smile to the face of every member of the family. In this article, we’ll check mashed potatoes nutrition. In India, almost every family makes use of potatoes, and every family member, be it of any age group loves to eat it.

Mashed Potatoes the word itself brings a smile to the face of every member of the family. In India, almost every family makes use of potatoes, and every family member, be it of any age group loves to eat it.

mashed potatoes nutrition
All about Mashed Potatoes Nutrition!

Are these mashed potatoes healthy? Do these Yummy looking mashed potatoes have nutrition?

If you are also searching for answers related to mashed potato nutrition, then you are at the right place.

Just scroll down to know mashed potatoes nutrition facts.

Are Potatoes Nutritious?

If you think that including potatoes in your diet is not good and feel that it is not at all nutritious food. Then, you are wrong.

Potato is a vegetable that is not only tasty but is also full of nutrients. Have a look at potato nutrition.

Protein5 grams
Vitamin C37% 
Vitamin B631%
Carbs37 grams
Fiber4 grams
Sodium24 milligrams
Fat0 grams
Though the content of the nutrients may vary according to the type of potato.

If you are taking just boiled potatoes in your diet then the boiled potato calorie content is 66 in 100g.

Plain Mashed Potatoes Nutritional Content

Have you eaten plain mashed potato in your meal? Worried about the calories in the plain mashed potato?

Not to worry, just scroll and see mashed potato protein.

Mashed potatoes are a highly nutritious and healthy food. You can try a variety of recipes that will not only serve you tasty food but will also keep you and your family equally healthy. The intake of calories, vitamins, and proteins might vary according to the requirements of your body. So, do keep the amount that you need to include in your diet.

If you are cooking the recipe of plain mashed potatoes, then have a look at the amount of nutritional value it has. 

1 cup of plain mashed potato contains

Total fat8.8g
Cholesterol2.1 mg
Sodium699 mg
Carbohydrates36 g
Potassium685 mg
Proteins4.1 g
Vitamin A7.9% ( Daily Value)
Vitamin C37% (Daily Value)
Calcium3.4% (Daily Value)
Iron3% ( Daily Value)
The per cent daily values are according to the 2000 calorie diet.

Hence, keep an eye on your calorie diet to get exact data.

Nutritional Content of Mashed Potatoes with substitute 

Each of us wants to have tasty food in our meal. But many times we have to keep control of our tongue due to the nutritional diet chart. 

Did you go to dinner and miss eating your favourite mashed potato with butter and milk?

If you would check here before then you might have enjoyed it.


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Calories in mashed potatoes with milk:

Mashed potato and that too with milk??

Yes, I can have it because it is also nutritious and healthy. If you make use of fresh milk then it is becoming healthy. Here is the calorie content of the 1 cup (235 g) mashed potatoes with milk.

Calories266 g
Total fat10 g
Cholesterol26 mg
Sodium746 mg
Carbohydrates40 g
Potassium689 mg
Proteins4 g
calorie content of the 1 cup (235 g) mashed potatoes with milk

How many calories are in mashed potatoes with butter?

This is again a problem when you are a diet-friendly person. To keep yourself fit you first need to know the calories in the mashed potatoes with butter.

If you are taking 100 g of mashed potatoes – 102 calories and 1 g of butter – 1.02 calories in your recipe then the calorie content recipe is just 103.

If you are looking for the calories in mashed potatoes with butter and milk then, have a look at the nutritional content of the recipe.

Calories237 g and Total fat: 8.8g
Cholesterol2 mg
Sodium699 mg and Carbohydrates: 35.5 g
Potassium689 mg and Proteins: 4.2 g
Vitamin A378 mg and Vitamin C: 22 mg
Calcium46 mg
Iron<1 mg
calories in mashed potatoes with butter and milk

The above-mentioned nutrient content is for 1 cup of mashed potato recipe with milk and butter.


Potatoes be it boiled or mashed ones. The one with milk or butter in it or be it plain they are equally healthy. Your loved food does contain calories but it’s not plain calories. Other than this it also helps in keeping the blood pressure low and is also good for the skin. So, now you can include it in your diet without worrying about the nutritional value.

Your favourite food is quite tasty and nutritious. Keep eating and Stay healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mashed Potatoes Nutrition

Q. Are mashed potatoes nutritious?

Ans. Mashed potatoes, that is loved by almost everyone, are not only tasty but do contain a lot of nutrients. So, including it in your diet can help you enjoy healthy nutritious food.

Q. How many calories are in 1 cup of homemade mashed potatoes?

Ans. If you are preparing the vegetable and taking 1 Cup of homemade mashed potato then it contains 210 calories. 

Q. Is Mash potatoes a carb?

Ans. Yes, Mash Potato is a carb with low fat and high potassium. 

Q. What is one main nutrient found in mashed potatoes?

Ans. Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients found in mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes, also contain, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

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