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We are all here, as a team of HealthCoachJp welcomes you here! So maybe various questions are wandering in your mind as if Who we are? What do we do? Which information we provide is genuine or not? Our information is helpful or not?

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Give us few minute of yours to explain about HealthCoachJp in detail:

~ Who we are?

Healthcoachjp is a health and wellness website. We are a registered firm as a PRARTHI DIGITECH PRIVATE LIMITED. Through this website, we provide health-related information to our users. Because health is the main asset of our life. If we don’t take health seriously then our whole wealth will not us.

~ What information we provide?

As we already said we provide information related to health and wellness. For more clarification currently, we are working on various categories such as exercise benefits, Heart diseases, Lower back pain, Skincare, nutrition, and weight loss.

~ Are we provide helpful or genuine information?

We provide genuine reviews according to users given on amazon or Facebook or any other medium. We focus on both sides of the product POSITIVE + NEGATIVE side. We collect information from all the ways and provide it to you as final output articles.

~ How many teams you have?

We hired a team of various 15-18 content writers. Those are experts in their own field. Like for exercise benefits we hired two certified fitness coaches. For skincare, we hire make-up artists or skin specialists, etc.

~ How we earn?

Currently, We are working on two sources. We earn through google advertisements. Another way is we earn commission through affiliate products.

If you have any query regarding Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact at our email id.

Your comments or questions are always welcomed.

Thanks for being here!

The HealthCoachJp Team.