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10 Best Female Weight Gain Stories from Real Women Who’ve Done It

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You may be wondering why there’s a list of female weight gain stories on here. Well, it turns out that some people like to read about the struggles and successes of other people while trying to tackle their weight issues. 

It can help put things in perspective for an individual if they see someone else who has successfully gained significant amounts of weight or lost significant amounts of weight. Also read, Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain: Understanding the Singer’s Body Image Struggles

And because this blog post is specifically talking about females, it might be more comforting for women who are struggling with body image issues to find someone who understands what they’re going through. The 10 different stories are listed below, so you can choose whichever one suits your fancy!

Short Female Weight Gain Stories

It’s not easy to gain weight. It took years to do so. But once you did it, all your clothes are too small for you! It’s great to be able to buy new clothes and feel good about yourself again. However, there were some difficult moments along the way. Here are my personal favorite Short Female Weight Gain Stories.

Female Weight Gain Short Stories
Female Weight Gain Short Stories

Girl Weight Gain Stories

I was always skinny as a child, and I never had to worry about my weight. But one day it all changed when I started eating like crazy because of stress. My clothes were getting tighter, but I didn’t care too much until my mom told me how big I looked. Finally, the reality hit me; now not only am I stressed out but also fat. From that day on, there has been an ongoing battle with food in my life that has caused me to gain more than 50 pounds over the years. The good thing is that finally after 7 months of dieting and exercise programs-I lost 25 pounds!


SSBBW Weight Gain Stories

I’ve always been big. I was carrying around 230 pounds by the time I graduated high school and in college, my weight had ballooned to over 350 pounds. My clothes were all too tight or didn’t fit at all, but that never stopped me from eating whatever I wanted because the food was like a drug for me. Fast forward 10 years later and now my weight is up to 450 pounds. It’s not just about being fat anymore – it’s about being morbidly obese! And this lifestyle has taken its toll on my health…


Women Weight Gain Stories

Jessica’s weight gain story starts with her being a skinny, but unhealthy girl. After struggling with anorexia and bulimia for years she has finally made the decision to put herself first. She is now living life as a curvy woman who doesn’t have to apologize for loving food, or her curves! Her trainer helps her maintain weight and muscles and the girl turns from skinny to curvy over the period of a few years.

Women Weight Gain Stories
Women Weight Gain Stories

True Female Weight Gain Stories

I was always skinny. I never tried to gain weight because I just didn’t want to put in the effort. It’s not that I didn’t think it would be worth it, but more so that since I have been thin my whole life, it just seemed like too much work for something that wasn’t really a problem. But then one day while scrolling through Instagram, I came across this account of someone who lost weight and gained curves. And after that, I think to put on some weight and got the desired figure.


Girls Weight Gain Stories

The first time I was diagnosed as underweight, I knew it wasn’t because of my diet. It turns out that the doctor who told me this had outdated medical records and didn’t know about my recent weight gain. After a few more visits to different doctors, I was finally able to get an accurate diagnosis. Then I reduce my cardio activities and started eating high amounts of calories for weight gain and finally I made it!


Wife Weight Gain After Marriage Stories

Ruth was always a slender woman. She never had to worry about her weight, but now she does. Ruth’s life changed when she married me. I love her but my taste in food is different from hers and that has led to some weight gain for Ruth after marriage.

Wife Weight Gain After Marriage Stories
Wife Weight Gain After Marriage Stories

Pregnancy Weight Gain Stories

I’m Angela and I just had my first baby six months ago. I gained 55 pounds throughout the pregnancy but managed to lose 10 of those pounds in the last month or so. My weight gain story was not easy, but it wasn’t terrible either. During my pregnancy, I drank a lot of water and ate healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant, some habits were hard to break because they weren’t good for me before getting pregnant anyways! If you’re thinking about having a baby yourself, don’t be afraid of what may happen with your weight while you’re expecting! There are plenty of ways to keep on track while still enjoying some treats once in a while!


Female Weight Gain Progression Stories

Melissa was a healthy weight for her height and age. She ate well, exercised regularly, and never had any health problems. One day she woke up to find that she couldn’t button her pants. In the next three months on top of gaining 20 pounds in total, she gained 10 more pounds from just one meal! From then on Melissa’s life revolved around dieting and exercise until she found an answer to her problem – T3 Thyroid Hormone Therapy. She went from being a healthy girl who could eat anything without worrying about it to someone with chronic weight gain and eating disorders after developing hypothyroidism which is caused by low levels of thyroid hormone (T3).


Teenage Girl Weight Gain Stories 

Some people don’t think they have an eating disorder, but Amy knew that she had one. She never seemed to feel full after a meal and her weight gain was not due to exercise or the food she ate. Her parents were worried about her, so they took her to see their doctor for advice on what could be done. After talking with Amy about what was going on in her life, the doctor said it sounded like Amy might be suffering from depression which can lead someone to overeat as a form of self-soothing. As soon as Amy’s mom heard this, she felt relieved because now there was something they could do together! 


Weight Gain Female Stories

A lot of people have been asking about my weight gain and how it happened. I’ve always had a pretty healthy diet, but there was always something in the back of my mind telling me that this wasn’t enough. The truth is, I never really knew what to do with myself when I got home from work. So instead of coming up with a plan for dinner or getting some exercise, I’d usually just sit on the couch and watch TV while eating potato chips and ice cream (my two favorite foods). This would go on for hours before bedtime. It’s no wonder that even though I still ate healthy food most days, by the end of each week, my jeans were tighter than they used to be!

Dr. Michael Smith
Dr. Michael Smith
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